Appeal 2022 County Appraisal Values

May 3, 2022

Many counties within Texas have released their 2022 appraisal values, with many being exceptionally high. Travis County alone saw a 56% increase in its appraisal values.
If you bought a home in 2021, it is important to make sure you establish your Homestead Exemption. It is dually important to check your appraisal values to determine if you should protest the values. Find your county below for information. These links can also tell you if your Homestead Exemption has been created.
If choosing to protest your taxes on your own, please let me know! I can provide comparable sold properties within your area. Property values have increased dramatically within the past 2 years. Keep in mind it may be challenging to find sold homes that will match your home's past value(s).
Alternatively, there are companies that can help you launch protests on your appraisal values. Check out these options below.


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